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Joey taught me some great new strategies and techniques to use.

I go on vacation to Colorado every summer and on my way home to Dallas, TX I stay in Taos, NM for at least a couple of nights. I love Taos, and this year I decided I wanted to fish there. I fly fish, but I had never before experienced fishing in New Mexico.

Joey was referred to me by one of the waitresses at a local bar and grill. When I called Joey he was out of town and wasn’t planning on returning to Taos until the day I was scheduled to leave, but fortunately he came back to Taos that night and met me at 8:00 the next morning. It was just Joey and me, and I was a little nervous, being a woman, going on a fishing trip with a complete stranger. However, Joey was great! He made me feel completely comfortable.

Although I already knew how to fly fish and had been fly fishing for a couple of years, he taught me some great new strategies and techniques to use. I caught a lot of trout and had a great time!  Joey is a wonderful guide, and I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to learn more about fly fishing and wanting to catch some fish.”

— Jessica Henson, Dallas, Texas

Joey expertise is remarkable.
My fly-fishing experiences with guide Joey Phillips have been terrific. His expertise is remarkable. When I’ve fished alone with Joey I’ve always had a wonderful day. Now that my son is fly fishing, Joey takes him under his wing and I’m free to fish with them or on my own.
 His chemistry with my son is great fun to watch and he’s dramatically raised my son’s skill level in casting and landing fish. My son and I are great fans of Joey’s and we always look forward to our annual fly-fishing outings with him.”
— Tod Hirt, Alexandria, Virginia
…A devoted teacher who truly cares about your experience.

Joey is more than just a guide who will show you the local waters. He is a devoted teacher who truly cares about your experience. Simply said, he enjoys nothing more than watching one of his customers catch a fish. He was more excited than I was when my wife caught her first trout. How did I come to this conclusion? He jumped in my arms like a kid on Christmas day when she got her first strike. Although hugging another man after knowing him such a short time is not something I regularly do, I at least understood that he was passionate about his job. Whether you want to learn how to cast, or read and fish a stretch of water the right way, or if you just need help getting out of a tree…. Joey is your man.

I also owe Joey for saving my marriage and possible jail time for my wife. If I had attempted to teach my wife to fly fish I don’t know what would of happened to me. My wife was very unenthusiastic about learning to fish, but Joey’s patience and passion really got her started in the right direction. Now that she enjoys it as much as I do we’ll have many chances to create wonderful memories.”

— Robert McGraw, Dallas, Texas

Joey is one of the best guides, if not the best guide I have ever had.

Joey is one of the best guides if not the best guide I have ever had. His experience and knowledge of the variety of fly fishing in Northern New Mexico is unsurpassed. With his expertise and instruction we were put on fish time and time again. Joey’s easygoing style and extreme patience with me made learning the sport fun and gave me knowledge I will have for a lifetime.

I’m fairly new to fly fishing and before I met Joey I had fished other places with other guides that made the experience stressful and not much fun, in fact, at first I didn’t think I would like the sport too much, but thanks to Joey’s teaching skills fly fishing is now my life’s passion. I look forward to having Joey as my guide on future trips to Taos as I know fish will be caught”

— Mike Bozeman, Lubbock, Texas

Your experience and patience helped me to learn and understand the true art of fly fishing.

I had a great experience learning to fly fish with you on the Cimarron last month. Your experience and patience helped me to learn and understand the true art of fly fishing.

The scenery was spectacular and the river was teaming with trout. Even if I missed three for every one I caught, it was well worth it. I hope to link up with you again the next time I am in New Mexico. I would highly recommend you to anyone who is interested in a fly fishing trip in Northern New Mexico.

Thanks for a really great day on the water!”

—  Rick Migliore, Pennsylvania

That was the perfect therapy for me…

Just wanted to thank you again for the great trip on Sunday. That was the perfect therapy for me before I get back to the grind. I could have honestly spent an entire day on that river. I was finally knocking the rust off when I started to get into some fish, and of course that was also when my time ran out and the muscles that weren’t use to the fishing movements started telling me that. I’m sure I will be back because that is one of those places that will be calling me back. Hopefully, I can remember where that “Nemesis” hole is and figure it out. If I do I’ll let you know. Thanks again, had a great day.”

— Matt Brady

Thank you again for our wonderful trip last Friday.

We made it back home late yesterday…glad to be back, but missing Taos, Gunnison, etc. I wanted to thank you again for our wonderful trip last Friday. I couldn’t have asked for anything more (maybe a bit less water from the dam release bubbas, but it is what it is).

You’re a great guide and great guy… if I ever have the opportunity to recommend someone in the Taos, NM area, it will be you. Water levels here are horrible. They were bad when we left, and, almost two weeks later with no rain, much worse now. Praying for rain. Hope your trips have gone well.”

— Tight lines, Mike Fitzhugh

We had an unbelievably awesome time.
Thank you SO very much for such a wonderful day! We had an unbelievably awesome time — in an unbelievably beautiful place!   WOW…. Who knew..!
Dan and I are extremely grateful for your tremendous kindness and patience with the kids. Everything was just so much fun.
Alex and Tanner haven’t stopped talking about it since. You are very, very cool my friend. We’re not sure where we’re headed next summer but if it’s Taos we’re doing it again, I promise you that! Thanks again.”

— Darla, Dan, Alex, Brandi and Tanner

A great week in NM partially due to your fantastic service.

Kelly and I are home now after a great week in NM partially due to your fantastic service and great suggestions for places to see and restaurants to visit.

Thanks for the personal care you gave to Kelly. Many guides would avoid a beginner like the plague and your friendly manner and personal attention was outstanding. I also appreciated the tips and suggestions that you made to me to help improve my abilities. I learned a lot in a very short time. You have a unique way with people and that made the experience even more enjoyable. Keep it up.  We hope to see you again.”

— E. Knutson, Oregon

Joey knows his stuff.

As an Eastern fly-fisher, it is easy to focus attention on the famous rivers of the west in Colorado, Wyoming and Montana and look past New Mexico. And it’s easy to see why — given the warmth and variability of the state’s climate. But for those who know the waters, Northern New Mexico has fabulous opportunities to fish for trout.

Joey Phillips knows his stuff, and has a deep lifelong knowledge of the waters. He’s an outstanding guide, but most importantly an outright pleasure to fish with.”

—  Mike Johnson, Pennsylvania

A Nice day Fishing…

Joey, I just wanted to thank you for the nice day of fishing and the tour of the ranch. I really enjoyed myself and look forward to doing it again the next time we are in Taos.”

— Cheers! Paul

We All Learned So Much!

Thank you Joey for taking on our family of 5 last week and being such a great guide! We all learned so much and enjoyed the fishing and the beautiful location. We couldn’t have asked for a better day! I hope we can do it again sometime!”

—  Mark, Teresa, Maddie, Katie and Brett Jacobs

When I grow up…

When I grow up and have kids I want you to be their guide…unless you’re dead”

— Kirby Cox, Age 11, Chicago, Illinois

A Great Day of Fishing.

Thank you for a great day of fishing on March 14th with my two sons, Dillon and Cole. Dillon seemed to really enjoy the experience and of course, that was because of you, I am sure. I look forward to returning to Northern New Mexico one day soon and fishing some of the other rivers with you and my sons as well. We really appreciate the day and all of your patience with us.  You are an excellent guide.”

— Sincerely, Wayne Wagner

Hey Joey,

Sadly, I am back to reality now after a great vacation. I wanted to drop you a line to Thank You again for such a great fishing trip, I had a blast.

I’ve dined out a couple of times on my recollections and stories regarding the bow and arrow cast and especially your saying ” However, I don’t know what we’re going to do if you hook him”. The trip was the perfect tonic I needed and will look forward to the next time that we come to Taos, so I can go fishing with you again.

I’d be perfectly happy to recommend you to any one that was looking for a great fishing guide.”

— Best regards, Ian


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