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Joey is more than just a guide who will show you the local waters. He is a devoted teacher who truly cares about your experience. Simply said, he enjoys nothing more than watching one of his customers catch a fish. He was more excited than I was when my wife caught her first trout. How did I come to this conclusion? He jumped in my arms like a kid on Christmas day when she got her first strike. Although hugging another man after knowing him such a short time is not something I regularly do, I at least understood that he was passionate about his job. Whether you want to learn how to cast, or read and fish a stretch of water the right way, or if you just need help getting out of a tree…. Joey is your man.

I also owe Joey for saving my marriage and possible jail time for my wife. If I had attempted to teach my wife to fly fish I don’t know what would of happened to me. My wife was very unenthusiastic about learning to fish, but Joey’s patience and passion really got her started in the right direction. Now that she enjoys it as much as I do we’ll have many chances to create wonderful memories.”

— Robert McGraw, Dallas, Texas

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