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I go on vacation to Colorado every summer and on my way home to Dallas, TX I stay in Taos, NM for at least a couple of nights. I love Taos, and this year I decided I wanted to fish there. I fly fish, but I had never before experienced fishing in New Mexico.

Joey was referred to me by one of the waitresses at a local bar and grill. When I called Joey he was out of town and wasn’t planning on returning to Taos until the day I was scheduled to leave, but fortunately he came back to Taos that night and met me at 8:00 the next morning. It was just Joey and me, and I was a little nervous, being a woman, going on a fishing trip with a complete stranger. However, Joey was great! He made me feel completely comfortable.

Although I already knew how to fly fish and had been fly fishing for a couple of years, he taught me some great new strategies and techniques to use. I caught a lot of trout and had a great time!  Joey is a wonderful guide, and I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to learn more about fly fishing and wanting to catch some fish.”

— Jessica Henson, Dallas, Texas

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